Our Team


Rich Rathvon

Chief Executive Officer

Rich Rathvon has more than 30 years of legal and executive management experience in the energy services industry, with a focus on customer-facing energy businesses. Mr. Rathvon has led all aspects of growing and managing retail electric and gas businesses for notable national energy companies, and has had overall P&L responsibility for business units with over $1.2 billion in revenue. Additionally, Mr. Rathvon has been responsible for managing business development, sales and operations in other energy-related businesses including technology, renewables and sustainability initiatives.


Ed Jenks

Strategy Consultant

Ed Jenks is a proven turn-around and hockey-stick growth specialist with 35 years of experience as a C-Suite executive leading companies in five major industry sectors – biotech, security, medical devices, agriculture, and dental devices. His process transcends industries and has enabled him to be successful in every role, helping transform companies into high-growth, profitable, and operationally well-run organizations.

Ed led a service company from $11MM to S75MM in four years with record EBITDA. He helped double production capacity at a NASDAQ listed firm and grow revenue by 50% in seven months leading to a lucrative investor exit the following year. Ed provided training and staffing oversight for a cruise ship line leading to the deployment of three new ships that generated $250MM of revenue annually.

As a chief strategist, he also developed more than 300 strategic plans that resulted in more than half a billion dollars in revenue growth. He has been intimately involved in many successful acquisitions and operational improvements, leading to significant financial returns for company stakeholders. Ed has developed a process that has been proven many times to increase top and bottom-line organizational performance, driving average teams to achieve extraordinary results based on following a strict formula and blueprint.

This process is described in detail in his best-selling business book entitled CEO: POINTBLANK. Ed has also been actively involved in the TEC/Vistage executive development program for more than a decade.


Katie Widmar

Chief Administrative Officer

Katie began her career in marketing and HR for the finance industry, later consulting in the deconstruction and retail industries. With over 10 years of experience helping grow diverse companies from start-up and mid-size stages to scalable profitable businesses, Katie brings a fresh perspective to P1EC.

As Chief Administrative Officer, Katie oversees administrative, accounting, and human resource operations supporting the productivity of each division. For three years she has helped the company streamline operational processes and marketing efforts, allowing for rapid company growth, working first with The Power Company, and now overseeing the entire PlEC holding company.

Katie is also the co-founder of a non-profit called Covers of Comfort through which she works with adult cancer patients as they undergo treatment.


Patrick Farah

President, The Power Company

Patrick is a successful serial entrepreneur who has founded and sold a number of companies. He is a veteran executive and marketing expert with extensive experience building large scalable businesses and establishing lucrative strategic alliances. As COO and CMO of Nutraceutical Supplement and Distribution Inc., he successfully increased the company’s revenues to $50 Million and built a formidable distribution network in only three years. He also co-founded U.S. First Energy (USFE).

As CFO and CMO of USFE, Patrick was instrumental in helping the company become the exclusive retail sales vendor for one of the largest energy companies in the world. He oversaw the development of a total contract value of over $400 million, procuring a residential base of 50,000 customers, and became the top sales broker of First Choice Power. After USFE, Patrick helped launch The Power Company on November 29th, 2010 as a founding member.

Patrick has a rich 15-year history in the deregulated energy sector and is considered one of the top knowledge brokers on deregulated energy in the United States. Patrick has a B.S. from Shepherdstown University, graduating with a double major.

Mark Link

Mark Link

Director of Global Sales, The Power Company

Mark has been Director of Global Sales for The Power Company since December 6, 2012, overseeing market development, sales operations, ESCO relations, and global partnerships. He has more than 30 years of experience in sales management, with a track record of success working in the deregulated power industry for the last 10 years. During this time, Mark has worked closely with energy suppliers and global partners designing and executing strategies, policies, and procedures that connect customers with simple choices that lower their energy expenses. He is regarded as an expert at increasing market share by developing and employing scalable methods for client acquisition.

Mark is a leading authority in the deregulated energy space in regards to outsourced telemarketing sales on a global basis. He is also highly regarded for his understanding of the regulatory and federal guidelines in the energy space and for his development of operational systems that ensure strict compliance with those guidelines.


ClioMia Lentini

Director of Supplier Relations, The Power Company

Clio has worked in the energy industry for 12 years, starting with the United States First Energy in 2008, and later joining The Power Company when it was founded on November 29th, 2010. She oversees the day-to-day operations on the commercial sales side ensuring they run smoothly and effectively. Clio’s expertise is communicating with the Company’s network of energy suppliers while continually streamlining and monitoring the Company’s pricing processes and standard operating procedures. She has built relationships with some of the top suppliers in the industry along with the P1EC’s largest clients to benefit production.

Clio strategically negotiates pricing with energy suppliers in order to offer their clients competitive bids while garnering the highest margin for the Company. In the past 9 years, she has priced upwards of 30,000 commercial proposals, about half of which became commercial accounts for the Company.